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Online Resources

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This service is restricted to members of the Deux-Montagnes public library who must limit the use of these resources for personal, educational or research purposes. Commercial use is restricted. In order to respect the Copyright Act (L.R.C.,cC-42), any reproduction of a document extracted from a database is authorized only if produced in fair and equitable use.

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Under no circumstances shall members give their user ID and PIN to a third party for an unauthorized use of these resources. offers over 600 expert training sessions on an easy-to-use platform. You will have access to language courses (English, Spanish, Mandarin, Afrikaan, etc.), office skills (spreadsheets, word processing, databases, etc.), multimedia (3D, Web development, image editing). , etc.), professional life (business English, management, sales, etc.), music (guitar, piano, music theory, etc.) and personal development (living better, interpersonal skills, etc.) [All courses are in French]

French version of World Book Online for Kids, this database offers carefully selected encyclopaedia articles, photos, pictures, maps and tabular data on a range of topics such as science, world religions, plants and animals, arts and sports.

Resource and interface in French.

This database is also available on our public computers in the library.

A powerful data bank, updated daily, that accesses recognized news sources and more than 25 years of archives from local and national newspapers and magazines.

Resource in French. Bilingual interface.

This database is also available on our public computers in the library.

An on-line tool for learning and improving keyboarding skills. It includes an exercise section covering all keyboard characters, a practice section for improving technique, an ergonomics section with advice and information on good work habits and, finally, a game that provides practice as well as improving performance.

Resource and interface in French.

This database is also available on our public computers in the library.

Current encyclopaedia for students containing articles on various subjects, as well as images, maps and a variety of activities. A combination of encyclopaedia, dictionary and atlas.

Resource and interface in English.

This database is also available on our public computers in the library.

ROBERT JUNIOR EN LIGNE. This interactive dictionary is an ideal tool to learn the French language.

Resource and interface in French.

Worthwhile virtual resources to facilitate your search for information

Bref records valuable virtual resources

Developed by Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec, this site records valuable virtual resources of great interest in many fields. Most resources are in French, but there are also some valuable English resources intended for the interests of Quebec's population.

A reliable tool to locate people in Canada.


The Canadian Encyclopedia: The most comprehensive, objective and accurate source of information about Canada for students, readers and scholars.,

Essential resource to make Canada better known to Canadians and to the world.


 DICTIONARY OF CANADIAN BIOGRAPHY Explore the history of Canada's inhabitants and their culture or meet people who played important roles in the formation of what is now Canada.

Electronic Books 

Web site for borrowing Quebec digital books. This new collection includes both novels and non-fiction works for adults. New titles are added on a regular basis.

Members may borrow a maximum of 2 books for a loan period of 21 days.

Resource and interface in French.





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