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Congratulations to Nobel Prize in literature winner Alice Munro !

On October 10th, Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize in literature, making her the first Canadian woman to take the award since the launch of the esteemed prize in 1901.

Often called the Canadian Chekhov for her fastidiously structured plots and psychological complexity, she has won the admiration of writers and readers around the world.


The 2013 Scotiabank Giller Prize announces its shortlist

Here are the five finalists for this 20th year of the prize:

Going Home Again by Dennis Bock

Hellgoing by Lynn Coady


Cataract City by Craig Davidson

Caught by Lisa Moore

Crooked Maid by Dan Vyleta


The Man Booker Prize & Governor General's literary awards - Fiction : The luminaries, from Eleanor Catton 


New Titles

The Library buys books and other collection items on a regular basis. You may consult the list of NEW TITLES in our online catalogue or the new books carrousel on our home page.

Books We Love

TITLE : The Christmas show
AUTHOR : Rebecca Patterson
EDITOR : Macmillan Children's books, 2013

Everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame!

Children have been practising very HARD for their nativity play. But when the curtain rises, no one's expecting a spare shepherd to steal the show ! A funny and brilliantly observed book from the winner of the 2012 Roald Dahl funny prize that reminds me of a certain play my daughter was practicing many years ago...

Johanne Chaput
Chief Librarian

TITLE : Why nations fail : the origins of power, prosperity, and poverty
AUTHOR : Daron Acemoglu, James A. Robinson
EDITOR : Crown Business, 2012
This book examines why some nations are more prosperous than others. Based on fifteen years of original research, Acemoglu and Robinson marshal extraordinary historical evidence from the Roman Empire, the Mayan city-states, medieval Venice, the Soviet Union, Latin America, England, Europe, the United States, and Africa to build a new theory of political economy with great relevance for the big questions of today.

Johanne Chaput
Chief Librarian



TITLE : It's a book
AUTHOR : Lane Smith
EDITOR : RoaringBrook Press, 2010

  Can it text? Blog? Scroll? Wi-Fi? Tweet? No... it's a book.

Readers, young and old, who love a good joke, will be delighted by this picture book about reading in the digital age. I really do love this book!

Johanne Chaput
Chief Librarian

 TITLE : Tea: History, Terroirs, Varieties
AUTHOR : Kevin Gascoyne...
EDITOR : Firefly Books, 2011 

Tea is second only to water as the most-consumed beverage in the world and was celebrated by poets and adored by emperors. This comprehensive guide to the plant entitled "Camellia sinensis" reveals the virtues of tea and takes the reader on an escorted tour of the world's tea-growing countries. It also covers the art of making, serving and tasting tea, tea ceremonies and tea gastronomy with 15 recipes from Quebec's gourmet chefs. A delicious discovery!

Johanne Chaput
Chief Librarian



Sites for Book Lovers

Here is a list of worthwhile websites for book lovers!


Make extra room on your bookshelf with Bookcrossing. Share your most loved books with strangers, who then will keep passing them on! All you have to do is register a book, attach a sticker with a unique ID, and drop it off at a bus stop or any public spot. You then can track it through the site.







BookMooch arranges trades of books between people at no cost. Give your books away and get the books you want!







What a great way to keep track of what you're reading!

Assemble your own personal virtual library, along with your ratings and reviews.

Meet friends with similar reading habits, take literary quizzes and find "best of" lists that suit your interests.



Project Gutenberg offers more than 33,000 free ebooks for your PC, iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, or Android device. No recent books here, since the copyright has to be expired. But what a great way to find classic bestsellers. For Canadians, check out Project Gutenberg Canada.



Looking for a good book in French?

This website developed by Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec, will help you in finding fiction books from Quebec's literature, according to your interests.

You will also find works that won literary prizes. In French only.



What is Stephen Harper Reading?

Commented suggestions for further reading sent to Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper every two weeks by canadian writer Yann Martel.



Canadian literature

International Literature





Young adult


Selected Bibliographies    

We offer you selective bibliographies in order to inform you on various subjects of interest!


Caregivers are the backbone of our health system. As they give a lot of their time to their loved ones, they often don’t have the time to find out more about an illness/condition or about the resources that might be available. The library wants to play an important role in helping you access this information.

The purpose of this bibliography is to provide informal caregivers with documentation on various illnesses/conditions and handicaps their loved ones must face. It proposes a variety of resources and works, whether documentary, community-based, virtual or fiction.




We do not have the book you want? You may conduct a search in our network of public libraries and ask us for an interlibrary loan.


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